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Air Duct Cleaning

affordable air duct cleaning

Process of Cleaning the Air Duct

Are you noticing that there is a large amount of dust in your home or office even after you have just cleaned up? This is a sign that you are needing your air ducts to be cleaned. Our team of air duct cleaners are well trained and have a high standard when it comes to the cleanliness of your ducts. We know that there are many benefits to having clean air ducts and this is why we make sure that there is no sign of dust or debris in your ducts when we are finished.

Air Quality

Are you having problems with your sinuses at a time of the year when you don’t normally have any problems? This is most likely the cause of having large amounts of dust in the air thanks to dirty air ducts. Having good air quality in your home or your office is a necessity to promote good health. Allow us to help you with ensuring that the air quality in your home or office is as clean as it can be. At Danz AC Services we put our clients’ health at the top of our list and will do everything we can on our side to make sure that you are breathing in the best air.


You may be wondering what the process of cleaning your air ducts entails. Well, that's what we are here for. When you first call us to book your air duct cleaning service, our customer care team will walk you through the process step by step. When our cleaners arrive on-site, they will explain to you what they will be doing so that you are fully aware of what will be happening on site. Our process consists of sweeping out the ducts, vacuum the ducts so that all particles are removed and finally we use a pleasant smelling fog for the ducts.


There is a variety of different equipment that can be used to clean air ducts. It all depends on the shape, placement, and accessibility of these ducts. Our cleaners only use the best equipment that is available to them to ensure that the ducts are cleaned properly. The equipment we use are vacuums, vacuum attachments, fogging machine, disinfectants, and more. This equipment is what we believe does the best job when it comes to cleaning air ducts. All of the equipment that we use meet the health regulations and are approved to be used.


You may be thinking that the cost of air duct cleaning would be quite expensive, but not at Danz AC Services. We understand that a clean air duct can be important for your personal health. This is why we offer this service at an affordable price for our clients. there are some aspects that come into the cost of cleaning your air ducts, such as the size of the ducts, the number of vents, and the ease to access them. For more information on our costing for cleaning air ducts, give our customer care team a call.

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