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Air Duct Repair and Services

affordable air duct repair and services

How to Repair leaked and cracked air duct

If you are looking for a company that provides air duct repair and services, then look no further than us. Our contractors will take good care of all your air duct repair and service needs. Our contractors are well trained to perform this service on your air ducts. We are well experienced and hold a high standard for ourselves to meet every time we perform this service. We have provided this service to many clients over the years and they have always been happy with the results. We look forward to providing this service to all of our current and future clients.


Air duct leaks can occur at any time and before they cause damage that can be extremely costly, get our contractors to come in, and repair the leak before it gets any worse. The leak repair can be simple to do, but we suggest that you not do the repair yourself and rather get our professionals to do it for you. To know if there are leaks in your air ducts you should check the joints of the ducts to see if there are leaks there. Our contractors use a special tape that goes over the hole or gap in the ducts.


Cracks in your ducts can be visual to the human eye or they might not even be visible at all. When the duct starts pulling away from the wall or the air handler, this is a sign that there are cracks in the duct. Sometimes cracks can’t be repaired and the only solution is to replace the ducts. The type of duct will influence how the crack is repaired. Fiberglass duct cracks can be repaired by adding new fiberglass over the cracks. Any crack in your air ducts is not a problem for our professionals to come in and repair it for you.


When there is asbestos present in your air duct, this is a clear sign that you need maintenance or even repair work done on your air ducts. During the air duct cleaning service that we offer, our cleaners will inform you about the presence of asbestos that is either inside or outside of the air duct. The presence of asbestos on or in your ducts is an extremely costly repair. this is because the whole duct needs to be removed and replaced. This is something that you should not be doing yourself.

Humid environment

If you notice that the environment in your residential or commercial space is feeling humid, this is a clear sign that your ducts need some attention. The high humidity level can drastically increase the chance of mold and mildew growth. This in turn reduces the quality of air. There are some cases that your ducts will even have to be replaced, depending on the severity of the mold or mildew. Our team will come in and assess the situation. We will then inform our clients on the steps that need to be taken from there that best suit what our clients need.

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