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HVAC Installation

affordable HVAC installation service

Experience our Affordable and Reliable Installation

Here at AC Repair, HVAC, Arlington, TX have provided the number one HVAC installation service for many years. We have provided this service with a smile on our faces and always given our clients an installation that they have been extremely happy with. Installing HVAC systems provides your commercial space with a comfortable work environment. We install a variety of different types of systems that our clients can choose from. For all your HVAC installation questions and more, call our contractors to assist you with this service.


Our contractors are trained and certified to install an HVAC system safely. You can rest assured that there will be no issue when it comes to the installation of this system. Our installations are overseen by skilled and experienced supervisors. Contractors know how to install all the different types of commercial HVAC systems. We are also experienced in installing this service to a variety of different commercial HVAC systems. Our contractors are licensed and responsible. When we have completed the job, we suggest that our clients inspect the work that we have done so that they are happy with our job and they don't have to call us back if there is something that they don't like.


If its residential HVAC installation that you are looking for, we have that service for you. These HVAC systems have a variety of components and equipment and must be installed properly to work properly. If the installation is not done correctly can result in your system performing poorly. This is why you should let our team do the installation for you as we are well experienced in this and know exactly how each system is installed. We have different size units for you to choose from for your residential building. We understand that installing a system like this can be costly, which is why we offer this service to our clients at affordable prices.

Hybrid Systems

You may be wondering what a hybrid system is, well we are here to explain this to you. This system is one of the smartest systems on the market as it reacts to the change of temperature. It automatically switches to whatever your home needs, heating or cooling, and does so by using its most efficient energy-saving mode it has. Compared to traditional heating and cooling systems, this can be an effective fuel-saving alternative as combines a furnace and a heat pump. If you are interested in this system, give our customer care team a call to have your s installed.

Duct-free Systems

Are you wanting to cool or heat your home with a system that doesn't need expensive ductwork? Then this is the option for you. There are two components to a duct-free system, they are an indoor unit that delivers the air into the room and an outside unit on the outside of the house. Refrigerant lines run between the two which eliminates the need for ductwork. There are many pros to installing this particular system. There is no ductwork needing making the installation quick and easy. This system is also extremely quiet while it is running.

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